Earth is a unique planet

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Earth is called as a unique planet because it is the only planet known that supports life. It has the moderate climatic conditions favouring life. It is also beautiful with so many types of flora and fauna and so many types of has all types of geographical features and the living beings adapt themselves according to the climatic.

Essay on earth is a unique planet Scientific predictions of environmental change are difficult for ordinary human beings to comprehend fully. We hear about hot temperatures and rising sea levels, increasing cancer rates, vast population growth, depletion of resources, and extinction of species.

Earth is a unique planet. So unique that our technology today has not discovered any other planets or satellites that could sustain human life. The earths atmosphere is composed of about 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen however.

Why Our Planet Earth Is Unique?

The earth is a unique planet. It is a huge ball of about kilometres across and 40, kilometres in circumference. The shape of the earth is spherical and not a perfect sphere; it is flattened at the poles. Feb 14,  · Other than that Earth cannot definitively be said to be unique in any way including having life on it.

We cannot even say with any degree of certainty that Earth is the only planet Status: Resolved.

Venus Facts

Venus is the closest planet to Earth. When Venus is in line with Earth and the Sun, it is the closest planet to us, at an average distance of 41 million kilometers ( million miles) away.

Surprisingly, what these missions revealed was just how unique Venus’ rotation is. Whereas the standard rotation for a planet about its axis is.

Earth is a unique planet
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