The problems of children in james vance marshalls walkabout

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Walkabout is a novel written by James Vance Marshall, first published in as The Children. It is about two children who get lost in the Australian Outback and are helped by an Aborigine on his walkabout.

Walkabout by James Marshall Vance is a captivating story about two American children who become stranded in the Australian Outback and then are rescued by an Aboriginal boy.

Inevitably, their cultures, beliefs and values clash which ultimately brings tragic consequences for the Aboriginal boy. This the opening line of James Vance Marshall’s Walkabout, but isn’t it also the first line of all of our lives?

Walkabout, first published inis a petite book with a classic premise: two white children from Charleston, South Carolina are traveling when their plane crashes in the Australian outback. nyrb classics READING GROUP GUIDES ABOUT THIS BOOK James Vance Marshall’s Walkaboutchronicles the journey of Mary and Peter, sole survivors of a plane crash, as they traverse the remote outback of the Australian Northern Territory.

The Children, later known as Walkabout, though published under the name James Vance Marshall, was actually written by the English author Donald Gordon Payne as were a /5(). Among the secret water holes of the Australian desert his people had lived and died, unchanged and unchanging, for twenty thousand years.

Their lives were unbelievably simple. They had no homes, no crops, no clothes, no possessions. The few things they had, they shared: food and wives; children and laughter; tears and hunger and thirst.

The problems of children in james vance marshalls walkabout
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